The Milk Barn – JV Farms Showcases the Healthy Side of Country Living

I met Jay and Valorie Lee like many people have down at the Historic Downtown Farmers Market where they have sold their eggs and an array of different meat products such as chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and goat. They were not hard to miss with their large chalkboard sign and old beat up white Ford pickup truck with the “No Farmers: No Food” bumper sticker.

Living on a third generation farm the two have used a modern farmers ingenuity in marketing their unique and wholesome products to the people of Garland County and surrounding areas now for many years. Not only have they shaped their own lives through healthy farm style living but they have influenced others as well. As an example they have helped other farmers and have regularly opened up their farm to visitors and guests. Their newest addition known as The Milk Barn is quickly developing into a unique gathering place for individuals to experience a taste of what farm style living has to offer. Built by Jay Lee’s grandparents back in the 60s they have given the old space a makeover thanks to original woodcarvings by local artist Scott Fischer.

Whenever available JV Farms offers unpasteurized milk, which is only available in Arkansas if you go directly to the farm to purchase it. Currently JV Farms sells a variety of meat products along with goat milk and they often host public and private events at the Milk Barn by appointment. Still in the developing stages Jay and Valorie hope to have it completed as an idea event venue, which will allow for more guests to come and visit their farm.

Buying from the local farmers market has become a very hip thing to do but it should not necessarily stop there. Getting to actually know the people who are growing your food is a rewarding aspect of living in a rural community. Valorie also has a just for fun Facebook page called Dirty Farm Girl, about the process of her healthy country girl transformation that’s resulted in her losing 110 lbs.

JV Farms partners with many local restaurants and shops providing their meat products direct from Cypress Valley Butcher Shop. You can sample their pork products at Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery, DeLuca’s Napoletana Pizzeria, Park Island, Little Penguin Taco in Caddo Valley, and you can also find their various products at the Country Store.

If you would like to reserve a spring pig from JV Farms feel free to call them and let them know. They have sold several roaster size pigs for Whole Hog cookouts and parties happening this fall and their December batch of chickens are nearly ready. If you want to pick up fresh and bag yourself they are $10 per bird, bagged $12.50. Both are priced for you to pick up at the Milk Barn those three days. They will schedule your pickup day and time a week out. All other chicken will be $3.75 lb for whole chickens.

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Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Jim Miller knows Hot Springs. While starting his career with the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, he then went on to help with the creation of Hot Spring Hot Spots Magazine and served as Editor for two years before moving on to be the Director of Marketing at the Mid America Science Museum after its grand reopening in February 2015. Jim remains a constant inquisitor and highly active member of the Hot Springs social, economic and political scene. If one needs to find out any information about this fair city, one only has to ask Jim.

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