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Red Couch Session – Jett Johnson & Porter Montgomery

Kung fu (Gung fu) : noun – A Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete.

The Red Couch is a way of featuring members in our community who are making an impact in their chosen fields.  From musicians and artists to chefs and brewers, these people have mastered their craft and not only do they inspire, but are integral to our growing city. This month we feature two such individuals; Chef Porter Montgomery and artist Jett Johnson.

To watch both Porter and Jett is a true pleasure. Both have very big personalities, but at their core they both just love people. Porter, a prolific chef in his own right, has worked with some of the top chefs across the country and cooked for the likes of Arnold Shwartzeneger, among others.

Porter’s newest venture puts him in the unique position to showcase his versatility. Bubba Brews, known for its unique and varying styles of micro-brews is expanding its offerings in Hot Springs.  Downtown, a gastro pub/tapas bar will feature ‘small bites and beer flights’.

To say this venue was tailor made for Porter is an understatement. The restaurant will feature traditional pub games along with a special event space for private parties; with Porter creating custom menus.  Porter will also be designing the menu for Bubba’s Brew’s flagship location on Lake Hamilton. The cuisine offered will be more upscale, but in a style that is all his own.

Jett Johnson is an artist as real and raw as they come. While most painters leave the interpretation of their work in the hands of the viewer, Jett is candid about the meanings behind the paintings; its part of what makes his style unique; he isn’t afraid to take risks and make mistakes.  Probably best known for his realistic portraits highlighting passionate people in their chosen medium who have inspired him in every stage of his personal journey; it’s Jett’s experimental work that is most compelling.

His style is difficult to describe as he never sticks to one theme. Using traditional techniques, mixed media, and an eye for the avant-garde his portfolio is a reflection of his life; drawing inspiration from his experiences both positive and negative.  It is in this where Jett excels, unabashedly bearing his soul on canvas.

For the month of March, JettsArt will be on display at the home of Render Creative Group, located at Spencer’s Corner.

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