Moon Over Buffalo -The Pocket Community Theatre

By Naomi Gower

Looking for something fun and interesting to experience this February? Well aren’t you lucky! The Pocket Community Theatre in Hot Springs will be putting on their own production of the 1995 Ken Ludwig play Moon Over Buffalo.


This farcical comedy takes place in a 1950’s Buffalo, New York, centering on the lives of “washed up” theatre actors George and Charlotte Hay as they receive a call from a fictitious version of Frank Capra (Director of It’s a Wonderful life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) inquiring about an acting gig where the married couple would replace Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman as the leads of his new movie. The one condition being that he would watch one of their current live shows in order for him to make a final decision on casting. This is only an added stress to their situation, however. The Hays are wrapped up in problems of their own (a newly discovered affair resulting in a love child). They now have to juggle two theatrical productions, their failing marriage, and- if they fail to win Capra’s call- must pick up the crumbling pieces of their careers.


Moon over buffalo takes what would be tired themes such as adultery, alcoholism, and depressed actors past their prime and creates a concoction of hilarious proportions.


“Come to the show and be prepared to laugh a lot!” Says Kevin Day, the actor portraying George Hay. I got to have a conversation with him, and later on, Mary Hill, the director of the play. They were very sweet and I was delighted to hear their points of view and answers to my questions.


Hill says they are not “playing the laughs for laughs. I want to audience to enjoy the situation rather than them being told to.”


They have been rehearsing for this play since before Christmas break and practice for at least 2 hours a night, three times a week. “The whole cast was laughing as we were reading these lines.”


Hearing that from Day, I urged him to share his favorite line, and he delivered:
“Oh my God, Charlotte you’re back!”


When asking Hill this same question, I got a fit of giggles from her as she began to look for the specific one, but we were both disappointed when she couldn’t find it. I guess we will just have to watch the show to find out!


I’ll leave you with a nice sentiment from Day: “I would encourage people to come out and support the PCT, it is strictly volunteer. If people don’t support their community theatre, it could pass away. Hot Springs likes to be thought of as an artistic community and this is one way we can support it, by coming out to see a great show.”


The Pocket Community Theatre is located at 170 Ravine St. in Hot Springs.
Performance dates for Moon Over Buffalo are:
Feb. 10th-11th at 7:30 PM,
Feb 12th at 2:30 PM,
Feb 17th-18th at 7:30 PM
Feb 19th at 2:30 PM


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