Red Couch Sessions

Impromptu Red Couch Portrait – Will’s Cinnamon Shop

It’s no secret the Hot Spots’ crew loves good food, especially a sweet breakfast option. Sometimes, however, a doughnut just doesn’t satisfy that sweet tooth. Enter Will’s Cinnamon Shop; a home-based bakery turning out these incredible made from scratch cinnamon rolls.  While we were able to get our hands on 1/2 dozen, if you’re looking for some buns of your own, the waiting list is a few weeks long. Trust us when we say, they are definitely worth the wait.

We were able to try the original which is everything you want it to be turned up to 11!! However, we hear tell of a maple icing and are hoping to ‘put some bacon on it’

Will and his wife Katie are the kind of dreamers who are the backbone of Hot Spring’s growing focus on supporting local businesses, often pairing with other local businesses for special events and just plain ‘ole community pride. To say they are ‘characters’ is an understatement.




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