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Top Tier Super Smash Bros. Tournament Happening in Hot Springs


Hot Springs will proudly host one of the most prominent and competitive video gaming events in the state’s history this weekend, King of the Springs 2.


King of the Springs 2 is a multi-event tournament happening on Saturday, February 4th at the Hot Springs Convention Center, and is exclusively hosting multiple Super Smash Bros. brackets (including the newest and most popular fourth entry, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, referred to by fans as ‘Smash 4,’ and classic fan favorite Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube).  There is a passionate fervor and level of enthusiasm among the eSports athletes at events such as this. Players hope to achieve glory and win prize money, as well as improve their overall skills level thanks to the competitive atmosphere of the experience.


In attendance will be all of Arkansas’ highest ranked players, including #1 in Smash 4 Dylan Bullard (Makibaz) of Jonesboro,  and #1 of Melee, Rusty Lookadoo (Arby), a Hot Springs native. Arkansan players will probably be underdogs in their own state, however. There are several top players traveling in to compete from surrounding states and beyond, including Smash 4 player Saj of Florida, who is ranked as one of the top 50 greatest players in the world. As many as 200 players are expected to compete for the various crowns on February 4th.


KotS is a largely grassroots event, and has in fact been organized by the writer of this article (Paul Kagebein, a HS tournament organizer (T.O.) who hosts frequent Smash tournaments at a smaller scale), as well as his co-T.O. Alejandro Zeballos, who runs Smash tournaments in Fayetteville. Thanks to a generous “SPAnsership” of sorts by Spa-Con and Visit Hot Springs, they have access to the necessary venue space at the Convention Center to operate this event.


Spectators are absolutely welcome and encouraged, and the matches will be streamed online, with professional commentary. If you want to know more about the tournament, including event schedule and player registration information, please check out the Facebook page and the link.


In other news, Nintendo recently showcased their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch in an online streamed presentation on Thursday, January 12th. Check out the full unveiling of this exciting new hardware and the launch games that will accompany. For more information visit here. The system officially launches March 3, 2017.

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Paul Kagebein

Paul Kagebein

Paul Kagebein is an enthusiastically nonchalant Hot Springs resident and fan of puns and juxtapositions who engages in acts of amateur professionalism in all sorts of ventures, like writing columns. When he's in the mood to do something more productive, he likes discussing and playing both video games and politics. Rumor has it you should do as he says and not as he does. These rumors are true.

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