A Night of Gluttony: The Rock N Roll Buffet

7 Bands for $7 at Low Key Arts

Rock N Roll (noun)– a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s, from African American musical styles such as gospel, jazz, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues, and country music.

Buffet (noun)- a meal laid out on a table or sideboard so that guests may serve themselves.

The Rock N Roll Buffet held every year at Low Key Arts is an annual audio-feast of the area’s finest music makers. Curated this year by the Bobby Missile, artistic director for this year’s Valley of the Vapors, this annual fundraiser offers audiophiles with an all you can eat sneak peek as to what will be offered up at the VOV music festival. 7 bands, for $7 the event provides a more than satisfactory barrage of local and statewide talent, with an occasional wildcard from out of town thrown in.

This year’s hometown Hot Springs heroes are Notice to Quit, a grungy local outfit listeners may hear a Joy Division influence in their songs, listen closer and you’ll catch unique elements of originality and charm. Entertaining to watch this three piece band is filled with spunk and will not disappoint. Also from Hot Springs is Ghost Bones who are currently working on their first full length album due for release later this year. If you haven’t heard them or watched them perform this will be your chance to take in an always solid performance this time featuring their new drummer and Hot Springs native Trey Lambeth who will be performing with Ghost Bones live for the first time since joining the band. Check out our Red Couch Interview with Ghost Bones.

The buffet begins at 7:30 pm sharp at Low Key Arts 118 Arbor Street in downtown Hot Springs. Be sure to get there early enough to claim your position as all seven bands encircle the audience to dish out their respective 20 minute sets. A back to back music smorgasbord making up more than half an hour of original music this year’s Rock N Roll Buffet will welcome back everybody’s favorite rancid rapper from Buffalo, NY Jack Topht. A veteran now of the VOV Topht has adopted Hot Springs as his southern home away from home where he’s free to dish out the dopiest inappropriate rhymes this side of the Delta.

Other groups this year include the Couch Jackets from Conway, AR a funny somewhat dreamy sounding and group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously they have been quite prolific since releasing their first EP Doldrum Dreams. Check out their newest release Sincerely, Swimtrunks to get a taste of what they’ll be serving at this year’s buffet.

Representing Little Rock this year are Los Tirones, a self-described band of old dudes these guys rock and their sound is still raw enough that it will leave you hankering for more.  Also from Little Rock is Attagirl who will be dishing out perhaps the hardest kind of rock n roll to this year’s buffet. Last but not least is the band Hawtmess, a 5 piece Southern shoegaze psych punk band from Bryant with a raunchy in your face lead vocalist Kayley Fisher what they lack musically is more than made up for with a strong stage presence and a general passion to play. Look for them and the crowd to be a literal hot mess after the buffet is over. After you go home and shower be sure to go online and check out this year’s lineup for the 13th Annual Valley of the Vapors to plan your spring break accordingly.

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Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Jim Miller knows Hot Springs. While starting his career with the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, he then went on to help with the creation of Hot Spring Hot Spots Magazine and served as Editor for two years before moving on to be the Director of Marketing at the Mid America Science Museum after its grand reopening in February 2015. Jim remains a constant inquisitor and highly active member of the Hot Springs social, economic and political scene. If one needs to find out any information about this fair city, one only has to ask Jim.

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