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A Candid Evening with Ghost Bones

Ghost Bones is a band many have found difficult to classify, or as guitarist Bobby Missile puts it, ³We relish  our reclusiveness.²  However, after hearing Ghost Bones at the musicians¹ showcase, Mitchell Crisp may have found the words to provide a most accurate description:

“This band is for throwing TV’s out of three-story windows, sleeping under dirty sheets in a room lit by Christmas lights with a boy you just met but haven’t seen in a long time”

There’s no denying the band has an air of mystique surrounding them, most evident in their music video for “Nape of my Neck”, filmed and produced by Matt McCormack. Jim Miller and Jeremy Rodgers were able to catch up with Ghost Bones for a candid interview and photo-shoot On the Red Couch.

Currently the band is recording their, as of yet, unnamed first album. Joining them for this new album is drummer Trey Lambreth, who morphed into the band very easily. We began practicing instantly and then went right into
the studio to record. It¹s all been pretty effortless,² said lead vocalist Ashley Hill. As usual the Ghost Bones are staying true to their roots in Hot Springs, choosing local recording studio Castle Studios. The band¹s
chemistry and stage presence is almost otherworldly. Feeding off the energy of the crowd and ³never leaving anything on the stage.²

Of course it doesn’t hurt that they’re all friends. When asked about the new album and how they planned on bringing that energy into the studio, the answer was pretty surprising. Said Hill, “Bobby was doing these weird dances to pump me up for my vocals in the studio.”

The album is sure to include their familiar tracks, such as ‘Pied Piper” and ‘Sleep Creeps’, but the song they’re most excited to record is ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,’ a track more representative of the band’s direction.

Touring since 2014 and like any band there are bound to be unexpected happenings. Rule number 1 of touring: Don’t break down in Arizona, in the desert, without water.  In true Ghost Bones form, committed to their fans, they did make it to the show and no doubt blew some minds. Then there are those moments when your friends just want to mess with you. Bands are no different, and in this case Hill was the target. Being under 21 while playing in a bar presents its own challenges. Left at the front of the stage or sitting outside, Hill would wait for the boys to hit the bar, and of course took advantage of the situation all in the name of levity.

Ghost Bones has become an integral part of Hot Springs’ art and music revitalization. Missile gives  great  advice for emerging musicians, “Go. Play. Music.” We couldn’t agree more.

You can catch up with Ghost Bones yourself at the up coming Rock and Roll Buffet hosted by Low Key Arts on February 25. The show will feature 7 bands for 7 bucks, beginning at 7pm.

Random Facts:

 Guilty Pleasure Movies

Trey: All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Bobby: Willow

Ryan: Grease. But I don’t feel guilty.

Ashley: West Side Story

Contributing writers, editors, and photographers: Jim Miller, Amanda Ledbetter, Jake Ledbetter, Kristal Mackey and Jeremy Rodgers

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